Rich Tannen                   furniture, etc.
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The role of the computer:

I started designing and cutting experimental elements on the CNC (computer numerically controlled) router, and I became fascinated with the textured, undulating surfaces I could achieve through carefully modulating the tool paths. I began to achieve results not readily possible by other means, and I have tried to remain open to this challenging technology, approaching it through directed play, as I would when experimenting with a carving gouge. This process has opened up a new world of possibilities that are in harmony with my interests and aesthetic sensibilities. I hope these pieces are not about the technology, but rather can be viewed in much the same way that one would view the surface of a painting, built up of multiple layers of paint. One sees the resulting qualities of the form and surface. Technique plays an integral role in achieving the final result, but is only a means by which to achieve a desired visual end.